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The site for those who know the 2nd Amendment is NOT about 'Sporting Purposes'! 

"We don't make the AK-47's you buy. We make the AK-47's you buy GREAT !!!"


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NOTICE: While AK47Store SHOWS 'Pictures' of AK-47s

& other Combloc Weapons - AK47Store.com DOES NOT SELL

ANY Firearms - ONLY the Parts, Ammo & Accessories to them!


New Arrivals' at AK47Store.com !!!

Yugo M-72 photo yugom72.jpg M-72 Stock Parts photo yugom72STOCKStube.jpg

  Yugo M-72 RPK Stock Parts !!!

 Yugoslavian Zastava M-72 RPK Wood Buttstock (Larger Type with a Long Barrel & Bipod illustrated in my other Photos)

with Buttstock Screw inside Stock), one Special Yugo RPK 7.62x39mm Rifle Lower handguard & one Special Yugo

M-72 RPK Gas tube with Wood Forearm! 

  Shown ONLY for Comparison - in other Photos = are a Russian Gas Tube (shorter) & Russian Large

7.62 x 39mm Molot RPK Wood Lower Handguard, which you can ALSO BUY, TOO!


  Brand New AKM (Stamped AK) Gas Tubes $29.95 + Shipping!

 CALL (720) 940-1458 - MC/VISA/Amex/Discover


  Attention Denver AK & SKS Ammo CUSTOMERS !!!


  Attention AK Builders - AK47World has 'CLEARANCE Prices' on AK Parts 

 too - with hammers & triggers as low as $3 each - Call 720-940-1458 !!!


AK Thread Adapter photo AKthreadAdapter-1.jpg

 MAK-90 & Non-Threaded AK Thread Adapter for 14 x 1mm Metric

 AK Flash Hider/Muzzle Brake Thread Devices - $19.95 + shipping !!!



Attention AK-47 Builders - 'Blow-Out' on AK Hammers, Triggers
($3 Romanian, $5 E. German, or Other High Quality)
  AK Cleaning Rods $8, RPK-74 Cleaning Rods $15
Parts DO NOT INCLUDE Shipping - but Low Cost
USPS 'Flat-Rate' is your BEST Route if you buy
a LOT of Parts - Call 720-940-1458 or (720) 988-0948 !!!
sks strpper clips photo SKS10rdStripperClips.jpg
SKS Stripper Clips $1 each - or 20/$18 or 40/$35 + shipping !!!


  photo 20170319_165811.jpgIPN58 at March Tanner photo 20170319_165711.jpg photo 20170319_165833.jpgdrumdrum photo 20170319_165732.jpg

 Romanian 75rd. AK Drum photo 20161112_153337.jpg

 Brand New Romanian 'Red Army Standard' (Norinco Licensed)

 75 Round Drums - SOLD OUT = We Need Trump to Let them In

 CALL 720-940-1458 - MC/VISA/AMEX/Discover !!!


 Maadi Stock Set photo MaadiARMstock.jpg

Egyptian Maadi 'ARM' Thumbhole Stock Set $79.95 + Shipping !!!

Beautiful 'Brownish Color' Egyptian/Soviet AKM Rifles are known for

has the added bonus of Trap-Door' for Cleaning Kit & Pistol Grip

can be cut-off & with woodwork be made into a Laminated Pistol Grip !!!

SOLD on eBay = 'Snooze & Loose' !!!


Romy Buttstock photo RomyButtStock.jpg

Romanian Buttstock SOLD on eBay !!!
CALL (720) 940-1458 - MC/VISA/Amex/Discover


 AK Sight on Rifle photo 800px-AK47-rear-sight.jpg

  photo 20160430_133951.jpg

 Used AK-47 Rear Sights $10 ea. & shipping

 call (720) 940-1458 or (720) 988-0948

or email: ak47store@yahoo.com or treasonterminator65@gmail.com

 Please NOTE: AK47Store.com DOES NOT have anymore Chinese Rear Sights that

 have a "D" at the bottom Range Value - Keng's wants MUCH MORE $$$ for those !!!


 Here's what one of the ONLINE AK Forums says about

I/O (Interordnance) Century Arms + other U.S. Made AKs:

I.O, Century's manufactured C39 V1 & V2, RAS47, Hesse, Blackheart,

Lee Armory are NOT recommended here. If you want to know

why, use our search feature and read for hours and see pictures.

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 'Foreign-Built AK's - Built in 'REAL Foreign Military Arsenals' !!!


QR bipod photo IMG_20140427_173911293.jpgpile if QR bipods photo IMG_20140427_173859563.jpg

Brand New Chinese 'Quick-Release' AK-47 Bipods,
fits Standard AK Barrels, SKS/AK Type Rifles & Maadi RPK Rifles.
Look around & you won't see these just anywhere as some
Sellers ASK $80 to $100 for these SAME Bipods on eBay !!!
(Fits Maadi RPK models RPM & RML SERIES) AK Rifles
Std. Barrel AK's like WASR-10, NMH90, SAR-1 $39.95 + Shipping

Chinese AK & SKS Bipods $39.95 !!! (not for RPK's)

For MORE info: ak47store@yahoo.com

 (*Note: will NOT Fit NHM-91 RPK Sporter, or 'Fat RPK' Barrels
like the Romanian AES-10B 'RPK' Type AK Rifles.)
If you HAVE an RPK - like the NHM-91, MAK-91, etc.
SARCO Inc. has some RPD Bipods that WILL Fit Chinese RPK Rifles
but NOT SURE if Chinese RPD Bipods will FIT A Romy AES-10B RPK
Image result for ak front sights

 These Quick Release' Bipods Work Best with an 'under Barrel Cleaning Rod'

 (like SHOWN above) to KEEP from 'Flipping Around' on you with MAK-90's

 & other AKs without a Cleaning Rod underneath their barrels !!!


Hopefully Donald Trump will be 'convinced' to ALLOW these

Thicker Barrel RPK & RPD Bipods to be Imported into the USA 

again, because 'Gang Members' & Criminals don't use Bipods !!!


45 Rd. Molot RPK-74  photo MolotRPK74.jpg

Soviet 45 Round (5.45x39mm) Molot RPK-74 Mag 

Temporarily SOLD OUT !!!

SOVIET RPK GRIP photo SovietRPKgrip.jpg

 'Soviet' (Russian) Laminated Wood AK-47 Pistol Grips
$59.95 + shipping - CALL 720-940-1458 !!!


DARK Poly Tech AK Wood Grip photo PolyTechGrip.jpgbulgy resized photo RESIZEbulgyGrip.jpg

Chinese Poly-Tech or Hungarian AK Pistol Grips $59.95 ea.

+ shipping CALL (720) 940-1458 or (720) 988-0948 !!!


Soviet Slab-Side AK Mag photo AK-47-30Round-2-150.jpg

RARE Soviet 'Slab-Side' AK-47 Mags 

 Very Collectible - SOLD OUT - Seeking More !!!


MiledStock with Slabs & Bakelites photo 2552361_01_firingline_milled_receiver_ak__640.jpg

 Soviet 30rd. Bakelite Mags - $59.95 + shipping  !!!


Just Received - Soviet 1PN58 Night
Vision Scope for SVD (Dragunov) & PSL !!!
1pn58 scope photo 20170129_162841 1.jpgGun Show Jan28-29, 2017 photo 20170129_141937.jpg

 photo 20170129_162931.jpg

Soviet 1PN58 Night Vision Scope for SVD & PSL $599.95 +

shipping - CALL (720) 940-1458 - MC/VISA/Amex/Discover !!!


 photo RotateTommy_1.jpg

Romanian AIM Tommy Gun Grip SOLD 03-18-2017

K-var 133Bu 24mm RH Thread Flash-hinder SOLD on eBay June 3rd, 2017 !!!

LOOK at K-Var's website as they sell it for $50 + shipping !!!



Ammo Sales NOW FORBIDDEN by the 'Snowflakes' at Powweb, Inc. 

who HOST this Website = 'Stand By' for a new Website host !


Soviet Slab-Side AK Mag photo AK-47-30Round-2-150.jpg

RARE 'Soviet Slab-Side' AK-47 Mags

Very Collectible - SOLD OUT = Seeking More !!!

  MiledStock with Slabs & Bakelites photo 2552361_01_firingline_milled_receiver_ak__640.jpg

 Soviet Bakelite Mags SOLD OUT - Seeking More !!!

Call 720-940-1458 or send an e-mail to:



 photo dsc_0838.png

 'Yugo' (Zastava) 30rd. 'Bolt Hold Open'

AK Mags -SOLD OUT for Now !!!

  Call 720-940-1458 MC/VISA/Amex/Discover

send an e-mail to: treasonterminator65@gmail.com

  Here's a Partial List of AK Parts FOR SALE:

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